Governor Pledges Safety During Holiday Season

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Governor Louis Lobong Lojore strongly assured of security while briefing the Lobira residents of Ikwoto County yesterday on the current situation in the country.

He said his government was elected by the state residents and therefore it has responsibility and obligation to provide essential safety measures to its electorate including their property and all other wealth.

However, the governor appealed that to ensure full security amid during the annual festive season, there is a need for all the citizens to demonstrate a sense of collective responsibility over the matter by mutually fighting any ill vice against diplomatic merriments.

He advised them to help contribute by reporting any detected criminal acts.

The State Gender Minister Paska Hifita Oduho welcomed the governor to her home area said time for violence was over but it is now time for South Sudanese to fight for development of their own nation.

Also speaking during the function, the Ikwoto County Commissioner Peter Lokeng Lotone joined the governor with similar tone of peace and security assurance to the citizens but he also appealed for cooperation from the citizens for effective fight against any attempt to cause violence in the region.

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