Youth Blame Crime, Poverty On Unemployment

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

According to Wani Nelson Kosomic, 34, unemployment is a very big problem to South Sudan and Africa as a whole that needs governments to set up more factories aimed at creating working opportunities for the youth. He said unemployment in South Sudan has resulted to looting, robbery, theft and cattle rustling which in turn lead to killings and arrests of such youth.

“Some youth steal to get properties and become rich,” Wani lamented in Juba on Thursday. He said since attaining a degree in Business Accounting in 2012, in Uganda, he is yet to get a job.

Some ethnic communities of Jonglei, Upper Nile, Eastern Equatoria and Lakes states are poor and as such, cattle’s raiding is a way of survival and proof of manhood in the society and also to marry. Many analysts have argued that if youth have other ways of generating income, majority of them will avoid cattle rustling.

Mathiang John Garang, 29, said unemployed is dangerous to the country which he said needs the government to deliberately create opportunities for the youth and exert efforts to setup more industries to accommodate them.

Garang said people (youth) are the ones who always defect to form rebellions against sitting governments for the sake of getting money.

An Agronomy student of Upper Nile University, Chol Peter Lueth, says forming projects such as seminars to educate youth on how to create their own jobs could reduce unemployment in South Sudan. 

“One of issue we are looking at is agricultural sectors, and there are no agricultural industries being set up and we also see that agricultural sector is not diversified, when agricultural sector is diversified then there will be industries dealing with agricultural products,” he said.

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