National Organizations Call For Effective Use Of Donations

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The call came at the international donors’ conference on Tuesday in Oslo, where over US$600million was pledged to help deal with the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. 

“It is our believe and hope as National civil society organization representatives that the pledges made today will translate into saving lives and transforming the current humanitarian crisis into sustainable livelihood for the people of South Sudan,” a joint statement by the CSOs released on Tuesday partly reads. 

 “The national CSOs request the adjustment of the humanitarian funding pipelines to effect participation and access to and by local organizations.” 

The CSOs also reaffirmed their commitment to work with the international partners in designing, implementing and monitoring the humanitarian intervention.

They further called on the government of South Sudan and the rebels to commit to peace, ensure cessation of hostilities and provide an enabling ground for delivery of humanitarian assistance. 

South Sudan currently faces one of the worsening humanitarian situations in the world. UN’s Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos on Monday said the fledgling Country is among its top priorities.

50,000 children so far are reported will die of malnutrition and seven million people; over half of the country’s population will face severe famine in the coming months unless massive and urgent intervention is taken by both parties to the country’s conflict and the international community. 

The national actors also called for their involvement in playing a role in administering delivery of aid services to the vulnerable people, saying they “have access to even the most conflict ridden areas – but “lack access to the architecture of humanitarian aid.”

Observers including the South Sudan government have expressed concerns that mechanisms should be strategized to ensure the donations are transparently translated to the needy.

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