NBGS Authorities Vow To Protect Wildlife Species

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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In an exclusive interview with Gurtong on Wednesday in Aweil, Emilio Aleu Wol, director of wildlife service in NBGS said his department is prepared to create more awareness about the dangers of poaching and why wildlife must be preserved so that the state is poaching-free.  

“We have been encountered with lots of challenges in achieving our goals over few years especially when it comes to protecting wild animals,” Aleu said.

“This is not simply due to lack of skills, infrastructure, modern manpower, tools of protection but also huge rampant killing of animals by communities, other organized forces within the country as well foreign nomadic pastoralists from the neighbouring countries.” 

After being supplied with two brand-new pick-ups seharah model by the national ministry of interior, the director said the working condition of his department would improve and shall be extended to the county forests where they will be based.  

“Now that we got these two vehicles, we are going to do our best so that we deploy more platoons to the big forests like Achana, Chelkou and Awada to resist rampant attacks on wild animals,” he said.

Several other poachers have recently been arrested and some are still under detention waiting trial over the illegal hunting. 

Most of these detainees have been caught red-handed with bush meat, skins and horns/carcasses of poached wild animals.

There are currently over 500 wild life officials in the state to ensure that wild animals are protected and poaching is combated but this number according to state authorities is not adequate to appropriately carry out the duties. 

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