WS: Call For Unity Among Citizens On 3rd Independence Anniversary

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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As tens of thousands of people turned up for the celebrations in Kuacjok, top government officials urged for peace and reconciliation among South Sudanese, so that development take the priority rather than war. 

Paul Dhel Gum, the state minister for information, said that the third anniversary of South Sudan’s independence was an opportunity to reflect back and recall the heroes and heroines who paid with their lives to gain the freedom from the previous oppressors in Khartoum governments. 

“As we struggle to restore peace and order after the destruction caused by rebels, we equally extend our messages for peace, reconciliation and unity among the South Sudanese. We believe in the ‘one nation, one people’ motto”, Gum stated. 

The minister said South Sudan can be only built as a resilient state through equality, justice and freedom for all, noting that Deputy Governor, Akec Tong Aleu in his speech hadurged youth in the state to get engaged in productive activities that will benefit the state and the country as a whole. 

Gum said that the people of Warrap state will continue to support firmly the legitimate government and the elected President Salva Kiir Mayardit. “Warrap State shall remain a peaceful state that is accommodative to all South Sudanese without distinction,” he added. 

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