South Sudan Police Services Launch Emergency Call Center To Combat Crime

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The Deputy Inspector of General Police (D/IGP), Lt. Gen. Andreu Kuol Nyuon, speaking at the headquarters of the emergency call center at Bulluk, said that the emergency call center would be active 24 hours and personnel would be ready to receive any call from civilians who needed help. Kuol assured citizens that personnel will be ready on daily basis to respond quickly, once called to the scene of an incident. 

Lt. Gen. Kuol urged police officers to display nationalism in protecting the life and properties of the citizens in the country and also warned criminals that their days were numbered. He also appealed to all Juba dwellers to cooperate with the police to help in combating criminal activities, saying that this would be the only way to crack down on criminal activities in Juba.

General Joseph Sebit Makelele, addressing journalists at the SSPS central division at Melekia, said that emergency response vehicles to support the emergency call center had been distributed to all the stations of Juba. He also noted that, once calls are made to the toll free emergency number of 777, emergency response personnel would respond and come to the location of the reported crime.

Daniel Lual, a Juba resident, applauded the role of the government in creating such a service. Noting that in the past there was no police emergency number, he said: “It is really very important. We thank the government especially the police unit”. Meanwhile, another Juba citizen, Guot Nyaw, urged the police to respond quickly when contacted, so that criminals are quickly arrested and prevented from escaping.

Early this month over 600 police were trained ahead of the establishment of the Emergency Call Centre, graduating at the Government Accountancy Training Centre at Bulluk in Juba.

The head of the South Sudan Police Service (SSPS), Inspector General of Police, General Pieng Deng Kuol, briefed the press a week ago that the emergency response project is going to work within Juba for the time being, with the hope that it will be possible to extend it to all the nation’s states in the near future.

“We hope it will be able to meet citizens’ expectations and I also call on the citizens not to abuse the service”, Gen. Pieng said. He concluded by thanking all international partners for the support offered to the SSPS, assuring them of the readiness of police personnel to protect citizens against any threat.

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