Youth Call For G11 To Go To The Rebels Or Go Home

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The BYU urged the IGAD mediators to give the SPLM-G11 members an ultimatum and time-limit for joining either of the sides for the positive and quick progress of peace. The Union has blamed both the rebels and the Group 11, who are South Sudanese politicians, of working against the interest of the nation and its citizens.

The Union, in its periodic review ahead of the resumption of the peace process, said the political situation in the country has led to a steady spread and escalation of lawlessness across the country, with isolated incidents of violence at various towns in the South Sudan especially in Upper Nile Region.

“The atrocious incidences points to the fact that rebels are preparing to fully destabilize the country, create hurdles for development and diminish chances of people’s prosperity. Activities of the rebels and G11 are incoherent with South Sudanese quest for a robust nation,” reads the press statement, which was signed by the BYU’s Chair, Ayuel Madut Chan.

Madut urged the eleven former detainees to drop the title of “former detainees” and go back to Juba or join the rebel movement, adding that their being independent does not give a wide path for peace to come to the country.

“We urge the G11, consisting of former detainees, to go back to South Sudan or join the rebels because their current stance is a huge derailment to the peace process.  We are by the same token recommending to IGAD that these politicians should be given an ultimatum of joining either of the sides for the progress of peace,” the statement continued.

“They should either join the rebels or they can boldly walk back to Juba and join the government. We on the other hand congratulate IGAD and its envoys that are now channeling our nation to the path of peace. We appreciate their efforts on the peace process,” they stressed. 
Defending the position of his group in May, Mr. Pagan Amum, a member of the 11, distanced the position of “former political detainees” away from either the rebellion or the government, saying they will work to bring peace back to South Sudan as a “Third Bloc” party to the IGAD-mediated peace talks in Addis Ababa.

Pagan in his letter said he was not a follower of Dr. Riek Machar. Nevertheless he revealed they have been political allies only before December 15, 2013; claiming he was “not part of the rebellion” and will not join it. “It was a political alliance, but never the case that Riek Machar was our leader”. He said “Riek wants to be the president. Mama Nyandeng wants to run for the presidency and I, Pagan Amum too aspire to the high office. Technically speaking we are political rivals because we are seeking the same office,” reads the letter in a paragraph explaining why he stood with Machar when he issued the December 6th revolutionary document.

According Amum, the former detainees blamed party boss, President Kiir for causing the SPLM to lose its vision and direction and he collaborated with other senior comrades to rescue and transform the party. 

The student group urged a change of heart among the politicians to bring peace to the country and stop their utterances to the international media, calling the people of South Sudan failures.

“We are calling upon Madam Rebecca Nyandeng Garang, the widow of our late Hero, Dr. John Garang, to cease releasing unwanted and pessimistic utterances to Kenyan and other media against South Sudan. Despite your political stand against your late husband, and people who made him to be where he was and still remembered in the history of our country, we respect you as [the] wife of our late Hero and mother of our land because of Dr. Garang, [in] whom we put our trust,” message lamented.

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