JS SPLM Caucus Condemn Rebel Breeches Of COH

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Deng Ajang Duot, the Government Chief Whip and Chairman of the Caucus said the office of the Sudan people’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Caucus in Jonglei state (JS) has warned the rebels to stop fighting immediately and accept negotiations in the Ethiopian capital.

On Wednesday last week, rebel forces attacked Atar, a village located in Pigi County, killing 18 people and wounded 6 others, most of whom were children and elderly persons. The attackers then marched away with more than 4,000 head of cattle. The statement, written by Honorable Deng Ajang, also said that rebel forces had attacked Ayod on Monday following the Nasir attacks of Sunday this week.

In an SPLM caucus meeting, they requested Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) to issue strong condemnation of the rebel activities, such that peace is achieved by the two parties: “The caucus request UN agencies and NGOs to condemn rebel barbaric action to stop immediately and not blame both parties since the Government is still abiding with its commitment to the agreement of cessation of hostilities,” the statement, signed by the Chief Whip, read.

Yesterday, the state Minister of information and communication, Judi Jonglei Boyoris told Gurtong that South Sudan army (SPLA) forces have found 45 dead bodies lying on the ground on Tuesday after rebel forces launched an attack on the government position in Ayod town.

Gordon Buay, a member of the Other Armed Groups integration committee, said the rebels violated the agreed ceasefire by attacking Ayod town Tuesday morning. “As it is now obvious that Riek Machar’s

rebel-terrorists declared war against the government in a blatant violation of the Cessation of Hostilities signed in Addis Ababa, we request the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to dismiss Riek Machar from Ethiopia,” Buoy reportedly told Sudantribune.com.

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