Rumbek East: New Paramount Chief Announced Following Assassination

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Tuol Apareer Chut Dhuol was crowned by his relatives and mandated to carry out the responsibilities of his father as a paramount chief of Athoi sub clan of Gony section, the largest clan in Rumbek East County of Lakes state. The new Paramount Chief, who is about 28 years old, has not made any public statement since his late father’s death.

The family of late Aparer Chut Dhuol have issued a biography of the deceased, whose murder is believed to have been carried out by an unknown gunman believed to have been acting for the Gony sub clan of Thuyic section in revenge for a previous killing. The biography of Chief Aparer follows, with thanks to the bereaved relatives.

Late Aparer Chut Dhuol, famously known as Atunglaak, was a paramount chief for Athoi regional Court since 1987 to August 5 2014. He court was assisted by six members; Deputy paramount chief Mayek Manyuon, Macinek Makoi, Marial Maker, Madit Dhal and Mawang Makoi [sic].

Under his supervision are five influential executive chiefs [including]: Gor Makuac Karthieth, Pacong Rieth Ater and Dhuol Mayom Dhuol, who immensely contribute to the daily guidance of the Athoi section of Cueicok Payam in Rumbek East. Alongside the executive chiefs are seven strong Sub-chiefs at Boma levels: Meen Marial Cheng, Madiel Mauorater, Maciec Mariir, Meen Makoi, Leuth Macot, Machar Matur and Luethic Dut.

Aparer’s mother Amer Akek is also number three in the hierarchy of Ajieyom’s wives, delivered six childrenof which Aparer is second to the last.Aparer was born in the family of Ajieyom Chut Dhuol in 1947.  He was a third born after his two elder brothers from separate step-mothers Marial Chut and Mapuor Chut. Other brothers include: Matur Chut, Makuei Chut, Bol Chut, Maker Chut, Marial Chut, Deng Chut, Maturthie Chut, Mabor Chut,  Laat Chut, Matherion Chut, Mangui Chut, Maluk Chut, Pacong Chut, Kaman Chut, Manuer Chut, Tul Chut, Machiek Chut, Muorchol chut, Malual Chut, Mading Chut, Mathiang Chut, Aluel Chut, John Thongkuac Chut, Macithieth Chut and Majuec Chut.

He was initiated in a Dinka rite of passage in 1962, alongside his cousins Agok Marial, Mabeny Maguen, Mathiang Bol, Nguet Malual, and Makur Bol among others. He first wife Nyitur Deng was married in 1969 and later on [he] added seven more wives, namely Yom Macuoc, Lou Akot, Ding Mapuor, Yom Manyiel, Achol Meen, Nyanabiei Paul Thok and Nyanadong Makuei.

He had 26 boys, 22 girls and 64 grandchildren giving total of 112 children, though eight of them passed away. Aparer came in chieftainship as a successor to his late father of Chut Dhuol in 1987. After the death of Chut Dhuol in 1987, Aparer was chosen to contest his father’s position in 1988 at Baraguoc, currently a Boma under Pacong Payam. Among other contestants, Aparer became a paramount chief for Athoi Regional court until late 2002 preceded by CPA era in 2005 in which more Payams were created for administrative purposes. Thuyic therefore broke off from Athoi regional court and formed their own Payam under their new paramount chief. However, he still maintained Dhiei and Gony of Cueicok Payam.

The circumstances of Late Aparer’s death are as follows. On the night of 5th August 2014 exactly at 8.30 pm, an armed man who pretended to be a drunkard in police uniform came into his compound and demanded Aparer’s younger wife Nyanabiei to give him locally brew alcohol. Nyanabiei told him that she does not sell alcohol but the guy insisted, while late Aparer was on the phone talking with his sister Nyandier Chut.

As the argument between the stranger and his wife grew louder, Aperer ceased talking and asked the intruder to leave his compound. The intruder dragged his feet as Aparer accompanied him to the gate with the intension of closing it behind him. Upon reaching the gate, the killer opened fire directly at his abdomen; at least four bullets hit him. He died on the spot.

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