Minister Urges Youth In The Eastern Counties To Embark On Agriculture

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The state Minster for Youth and Sports, Hon. Gibson Bullen Wande, is taking an official visit to eastern countries of Western Equatoria State to brief and monitor youth activities in the counties.

In a mobile telephone conservation with Gurtong, the minster said it was necessary for the government, spearheaded the ministry of youth and sports to go around and see youth activities and encourage them to continue with the same spirit of activities which restores hope and peace in the society.

He also urged the youth to embark on agriculture activities so that they can have food in surplus to support other states which are experiencing shortage of food.

The minister further expressed his gratitude to the youth of Mundiri East for maintaining peace and being creative in all aspects of the things they do in the county.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire youth group and also other members for being always committed and loyal to the county authorities,” he noted. He urged the youth to unite and workhand in hand with the county authorities and should not involve themselves in dirty politics.

He also warned the youth from relying on the government for all the necessary support but rather should be creative, especially in this time of crisis in the country. As youth, he said, they need to cooperate and work out things that seem to be impossible.

He further called upon the county authorities to advertise for the post of Inspector so that all youth activities are monitored and proper reports are made to the Ministry of Youth and Sports so that the ministry can look for a away forward in resolving such matters.

Finally, the minister called upon the 18 football local clubs in the county to have their teams registered under the local football association and urged them to always contact him through the county commissioner for any activities that may be underway in the county

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