Commissioner Urges Youth To Unite For County Development

The Commissioner for Tonj South County, Hon. William Wol Mayom, has urged the youth of the county to cooperate with his administration to enable delivery of services to the local population, rather than continue wrestling over politics of the leadership.

The commissioner said he has been attacked on face-book and other social media by some youth members, he did not name, who have political interest in the county administration;  blaming him for lack of delivery of  services to the people but continue arresting and beating their youth members in Tonj on no legal basis.

He denied any allegations against him, adding that his administration has never targetedany youth member from the time of his appointment.

“Our youth should appreciate my reign because I have managed to reconcile all the conflicting communities in the county and beyond. The Apuk-Jurwiir and Thony communities are now peaceful while they used to clash frequently under the previous leaderships.

“I have also successfully persuaded my youths in Tonj South not to attack the youths from the neigbouring Lakes State under any circumstances. Now there is peace between Warrap and Lakes states,” Commissioner Wol stated.

He urged the youth to criticize, but only when there are facts with which to supportcriticism.

“Leaders can be criticized but it should be a meaningful criticism. There are meaningful condemnations that can make the leader think deeper to generate more positive things; they should not be baseless claims that are fabricated just to practice politics on individuals,” he urged.

“Some youth have been calling me a child and that I cannot manage the affairs of the county for that matter. Let them know that I am thirty years old and I have exercisedleadership in various areas, both at the university associations, my political party and elsewhere. Youths should correct my failures if they exist but not judge me by my size or age. Leaders should be measured by their achievements, not by their size or age”, he pointed out.

The commissioner argued that there has not been any youth member who came to hisoffice with development proposals for the county and to help resolve some of the challenges among the communities. He urged them to give advice instead of releasing provocative messages on social media and forums.

“Yes the county belongs to all of us, so we can share our ideas for development and other issues. We cannot every time try to provoke and launch false accusations on people when the realities are the opposite. We should learn to be positive and peaceful when airing our views against others,” Wol concluded.

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