Fuel Shortage Hits Western Equatoria State

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Yambio, capital of Western Equatoria State, has been hit by fuel shortage which is now hindering many people from carrying on with their usual activities.

According to a teak dealer in Yambio, Mr. Sabit Kojo, his business entirely depends on availability fuel. They use fuel for a motor saw to cut down teak tree; they need petrol for the car he uses. Without fuel, his business come to a standstill.

He complained that although some stations still have fuel, it looks like the government has stopped theselling to the public so that they can use the fuel for their operations alone. This may help the people in the end because business people are the ones who are running the town in terms of bringing food items to the people.”

He further complained of the bad road conditions, which have brought all this shortage of fuel in the region. “I am very frustrated with whatever is happening in the state and the republic of South Sudan,” he stressed.

“I have two trucks loaded with my goods stuck at Rasolu yei –Maridi road. The   truck cannot move from where it is due to bad road,” he added.

Kojo appealed to the state government to use the daily tax collected from them as traders to fill the bad potholes “because if you estimate what is taken from the traders in a day, it must be 40,000ssp at least. In collaboration with the same traders they can join hands, hire a trucks which can be used to repair these bad potholes.

“We are imposed on heavy taxes, which in the end we don’t know what is done with the collection. It stresses us a lot as traders,” he decried.
Kojo called on the authorities to come to their rescue because soon those stations having the fuel will increasefuel prices; adding that they should look into filling the dangerous potholes along this main roads. The traders are ready to support such initiatives if asked.

Bati Knight, a bodboda cyclist in Yambio, said he has parked one of his motor bikes due to the shortage of fuel, though he cannot afford not to have the two bikes running his business.

“I came through Yei- Maridi road two days ago. There are many fuel tanks parked in Yei County, central Equatoria State; stranded because they can’t afford coming through the road of Rasulu,” he noted

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