Calm Returns But Warrap Death Toll Rises To 40, More Than 60 Wounded

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Authorities in South Sudan’s Warrap State have revealed that the death toll for last  weekend inter-clan fighting in Luanyjang area of Makuac Payam have risen to about 40 people dead including the area chief.

Speaking at the scene of the battle, Information Minister and the government spokesperson, Hon. Paul Dhel Gum, told Gurtong that calm has returned to Luanyjang area since Tuesday but that many people are being displaced, leaving the area empty of the local population.

Gum, who is accompanying a delegation led by Warrap state’s Acting Governor, Hon. Akec Tong Aleu, said that the earlier arrival of the organized forces has helped calm down the high tension that was fierce among the area residents.

He said the area National Member of Parliament and Police General Marial Abur, both citizens of area have rushed to the conflict area to stop the escalation of the clashes any farther. The arrival of two area intellectuals has assisted the organized forces to quickly persuade the warring clans to stop fighting, according to the minister.

Gum said that the senseless clash has left about 40 people dead and 66 persons injured with gunshots wounds. “I arrived in Tonj East, accompanying the deputy governor and securityadvisor. It’s regrettable to be briefed by county authorities that we lost 40 people and 66 wounded. It is sad at this time for our people to turn against one another when our focused is on the national threat from the rebels,” he stated.

Though no more clashes were reported on Tuesday, people have run away and only very few people can be seen in the area. Many people have gone into hiding in the bushes and swampy places.

The state’s government has planned to conduct an emergency joined meeting today,Wednesday, September 10, where the two rivalling parties are expected to attend.

The government has also ordered for the arrest of all suspected of having started or having taken part in the fighting. 

“Calm has returned but rare to see people around. The public meeting which will bring together the two fighting sections will take place in Romic. Strict orders have been given out to arrest all the suspects and perpetrators and a special tribunal formed to settle the cases,” Gum

Sources in the area have said that the clashes were ignited by dispute over a pregnant girl.

Authorities have confirmed that the conflict occurred between the two clans of Wun-Thuc and Wun-Adel, both citizens of Makuac Payam. The fighting which started with the use of clubs (Dinka fighting sticks) spread into use of firearms; thus the so many casualties. 

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