Chiefs Must Keep Children In School:Governor

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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He said education remains a priority of the state government and urged parents to ensure their children acquire education as it is the only guarantee to a better future.

“I urge parents to make the best use of the educational facilities built here by ensuring their children attend school”, said the Governor when he inaugurated the UNICEF supported Gangura Primary School in Gangura payam on Wednesday.

He at the same time encouraged parents to join adult literacy classes, saying by so doing they will act as role models for their children.

“I also urge parents to put more emphasis on the education of the girl-child just like everyone is ding across the world. We will endeavor to support schools with high population of girls”, he said.

The Governor at the same time urged the community to cooperate with security personnel in the payam, saying it is only in a secure environment where constructive learning can take place.

He commended UNICEF for its continued support of the education sector in the state.

UNICEF Country Director Jonathan Veitch discouraged the marriage of girls at early age and instead advised parents to take their girl children to school.

He thanked the parents for their support towards the development of educational infrastructure in the area, including provision of a conducive environment.

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