WBGS Public Service Ministry Under Pressure

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Hundreds of state former employees gathered on Tuesday in front of the office of Labour, Public Services and Human Resources ministry, demanding their long awaited pay from the government. They threatened to take legal action against the ministry.

This is the second strike after the June 2014 one, in which they were given promises of payment of their dues by the ministry.

The ministry first witnessed such strike after the minister, Ms Monica Sabino Madut, returned from Juba, where she failed to reach any agreement with the national Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, regarding payments to the state’s 2008 downsized staff.

On Tuesday, angry staffs attempted to block all the gates in the ministry, including offices of the staff, and threatening the minister not to leave the ministry without having paid them their dues.

Those who spoke out angrily at the ministry, blamed the government for downsizing the ministry in the first place and dismissing them in 2008 and later failing to pay out their pensions.

“We are finding our survival very difficult since we have nowhere to earn money while the government is refusing to pay out our money,” said Maria Taban.

“I am now owed 5,650 SSP by the government. This has been outstanding since 2008. Why should the government subject me to such a situation?” she asks.

Last June, the minister said the ministry was processing payments, but that the delay was due to the slow system and the huge amount of money the staffs need.

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