Farmers Urged To Produce Surplus

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Agriculture stakeholders in Western Equatoria State have been urged to educate residents on nutrition and agri-business.

The State Governor Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro has directed the State Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperatives and Environment and partners to create public awareness on the importance of agricultural production.

Speaking when he graced the official opening of the fourth state agricultural show in Yambio, Governor Bakosoro encouraged farmers to produce surplus agricultural products to supplement their income.

“I urge civil servants, businessmen, soldiers and everybody in the state to take agriculture seriously as that is the only guarantee towards food security. We should take advantage of the fertile land and adequate rains that God has given us for free in this state”, he said.

The Governor discouraged reliance on oil, saying oil is a resource that can be depleted while land remains for generations.

He at the same time cautioned the state residents against laziness, alcoholism and dependence on handouts, saying these were the greatest impediments to agricultural development.

The state minister of agriculture West Yagule told the gathering that the agricultural exhibition is a platform to showcase and educate the area residents on agricultural matters.

The Yambio County Commissioner Kuzee John Elia appealed to partners and the state agriculture ministry toboost efforts to promote agricultural development through training of extension workers, opening feeder roads and supporting the farmers to shift from domestic to commercial farming.

He emphasised on the need to encourage consumption of local products, and urged farmers to rear chicken and livestock.

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