Daily Nation Mirror Suspended By Security Agents from Circulating

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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South Sudan National Security Services for the second time prevented the circulation of Daily Nation Mirror Newspaper for unknown reason. CEPO condemned this arbitrary act which is a violation of the transitional constitution article 24 and 32

These continuous arbitrary acts aiming at suppressing the freedom of expression at the current moment in South Sudan is disturbing and clearly justifying that the state agents are above the law. Preventing same newspaper from circulation twice within the period of less than a month, it is undemocratic  

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress organization (CEPO) said this is absolutely unacceptable act and it is a great challenge for the growth of democracy in South Sudan.

The current context of South Sudan it requires the public to have free space for freedom of expression due to the political events in the country such as IGAD-led peace mediation, government declaration of National Elections in June, 2015, African Union Commission of Inquiry findings presentations, fall in the oil prices and human right violation reports issued by United nation Mission in South Sudan-(UNMISS) etc. All these events require citizens to express themselves and freedom of express become essential right that should not be violated. Yakani added  

Strongly CEPO fear that following the government declared National Elections in June, 2015 the security agents may interfere with the freedom of expression seriously  if they are not warn by the government or leaders in the government. Examples across the global have proof that normally suppressing freedom of expression leads to public movement for demanding democracy I the best way they can. CEPO is urging the government of South Sudan to uphold, fulfill and obey the freedom of expression   

About CEPO

CEPO is engaged in the areas of Peace and conflict mitigation, human rights, rule of law, livelihood, governance and democratic transformation. It’s neutral, non–partisan and non–religious and is based on the principle of community empowerment and inclusive participation. Its core values are Commitment, Accountability and Transparency (CAT).  

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