Bahr El Ghazal Youth Union Calls For Conduction Of Elections On Time

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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This comes after calls from other political parties and some civil society groups in South Sudan calling for a delay of the elections.

In their statement signed by their chairperson, Ayuel Madut Chan, he acknowledges that the only way in which the legitimacy of the government, be kept alive is through a timely conduct of a general election

“It is a constitutional mandate that elections should be carried out before 9th July 2015 as stipulated in transitional constitution of our Republic. Therefore, this should be followed to avoid people’s democratic rights being abused,” stated Mr. Madut.

“Parliament as an arm of the government should not renew the term of this government for this could be an insult to democratic principles of our state that allow people to renew the life of the government. Since our country is guided by democratic principles and values, we expect the government to allow elections be carried out as planned for 30th June, 2015 by the National Election Commission,” Madut said.

The Union further states that there is need for new faces in the government as some current leaders have been accused of working only for their own interest and have never fulfilled promises they made during their campaigns in 2010.

“This will allow people to make changes where necessary for delivery of good services to them and going for an extension through parliament will be a great insult that can even crop up more rebellions from impatient individuals who want to be elected in these scheduled elections of June 30th 2015.” 

“Elections in any democratic state like South Sudan are called for to create unity and foster mutual understanding among citizens of that state. Just like we were united through referendum of 2011, we also see these coming elections electrifying our unity more than before 2011.” he added.

The group’s leader said the conduct of elections on time would be the best way of addressing the political tension that has rocked South Sudan. 

Madut appealed to the general public of South Sudan to preach for peace so that elections are conducted in a conducive atmosphere to allow people decide the kind of leaders they would like to lead in the next five years.

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