Government Condemns Nimule Killings

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The government of Eastern Equatoria State, has condemned the killings of two Madi prominent Businessmen namely Daudi Kisire and Gwanya in Nimule South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State on January 18.

The state government Spokesperson Hon. Mark Akio Ukinbul, said the government is in pursuit of the killers.

“It is very unfortunate that we have sadly and unexpectedly lost the two men just that way. Who killed them, until now is still unknown. The government is shocked with the Nimule situation. But the good news is that we as the government want to assure the Nimule public that we are not sleeping, we are pursuing the culprits. Our security personnel are on high alert to detect the killers. And once apprehended, they will face the law.” Said Ukinbul.

“For now, we still don’t know where to throw blame to, because we have not yet established facts on whokilled the men,” he added.

The minister also has appealed to the public in particular in Nimule to remain calm by demonstrating patience as the investigations are being conducted.

Meanwhile, the Madi community of Nimule joined by those in diaspora has issued a press statement condemning the killings and terming it as cold-blooded murder of their community members.

“We the Ma’di Community, reject the killings and intimidation of our people in our own land. The Ma’di people are a peace loving people and, this is a well-established fact in South Sudan.
We would like to remind the nation, the world and the Human Rights groups that these killings have come at the heel of a massive security deployment in our ancestral homeland. The Ma’di Community worldwide condemns in the strongest terms the killings of our people in cold blood. We are deeply aggrieved by the killings of Mr. Daudi Kisire and Mr. Gwanya.” Reads part of the press statement.

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