Ministry Of Health Warns Of Possible Cholera Outbreak In Eastern Equatoria

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The Health Ministry in Eastern Equatoria State has issued an early warning of a potential Cholera out-break.


Eastern Equatoria State Health Minister, Dr. Margaret Itto Leonardo in her office in Torit state capital [Photo| Peter Lokale]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 24 June 2015 [Gurtong] – The state health Minister, Dr. Margaret Itto Leonardo is sending out messages to the public in the state to be alert and report any symptoms that may be related to cholera.

The Minister whose audio records on the same topic has been repeatedly played to the public in local radio stations in Torit state capital, deeply emphasizes a call to maintaining hygiene.

She advises all the household heads to take serious precautionary measures against the deadly cholera disease by carefully washing hands after visits to the toilets and proper disposal of waste material emphasizing that it is an individual mandatory responsibility.

Dr. Itto stressed, "Personal responsibility of all the citizens in taking into their consideration the importance of their hygiene is crucial."

Cholera is a disease contracted from poor hygiene. Health personnel from the health ministry in the state concluded that the disease could only be prevented by always ensuring hygiene is accordingly kept up to the required standards.

Such required standards are limited to washing hands with clean water and soap before eating food and washing hands after visiting the toilet and also by drinking clean boiled water.

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