Khartoum’s Stranded Southerners Crying For Help

GOSS and NCP are being accused of mistreating southerners in Khartoum, people have lost confidence in them. People were willing to go to register their names for referendum in the south but GOSS could not provide transport for them and they missed to register their names in the north.

“For how long shall we continue to suffer?” they ask. “Who will deliver us from this situation?”

Today 27.12.2010 I took initiative of visiting our displaced parishioners who are planning to return to their home-land in Abyei and Warrab state. They are facing critical situation of living, some of them spent one month in the desert waiting for transportation of their properties to south Sudan and Abyei.

Unfortunately the government of South Sudan (GOSS) is acting very slow.
Although they are good in talking in press conferences, TV and Radio but they don’t pity the desperate situation of their own people whom they claimed that they are fighting for their rights.

Many southerners have become homeless and jobless, their children have become without school and no education although they have been studying in church schools and governments schools in Khartoum; but because of the threat of Some SPLA and NCP politicians, they have taken decision out of fear to leave the north hoping to go immediately to their homeland but in vain. They are asking, “For how long shall we live in this situation? Who will save us?”

Some of them already lost confidence in their political leaders because they never came to pay visit to them since they asked people to gather to those places of waiting for repatriation to South Sudan and Abyei.

Our people have expressed their grievances and anger to GOSS and NCP while I was interviewing them about their situation. They said, we are treated as if we are not citizen of Sudan.

On my side I blame the stakeholders in charge of those areas (Abyei + Warrab) for not paying visit to these poor people even if there were some difficulties facing them from the top, let them update this people about the situation so that they will not rely on rumours and they have to tell them the truth.

Many of them have sold their houses, those were renting houses they have given back the keys to the owners of those houses, those who were working, have resigned and the little money that they have got have finished in that area where they are waiting for the buses for the south.

Some women delivered new babies, and some people became sick, mostly children, because of cold weather and there no places for helping themselves, no water for bathing, women go far away in order to get drinking water.

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