War Child Canada To Reach 1,600 Farmers With Farming Technical Skills

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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War Child Canada, one of the International Organizations operating in South Sudan, is pledging to extend trainings of 1600 farmers on agronomic practices and post-harvest handling in Eastern Equatoria State (EES).


War Child Canada's Communication Officer, Nancy Lamunu briefs EES leaders led by the state Deputy Governor’s Jerome Gama Surur, during the recent agricultural show in Torit.[Photo by Peter Lokale]

According to War child Canada's Communication Officer, Nancy Lamunu, in Eastern Equatoria, the organization presently supports 32 farmers' groups in boosting food production in ToritCounty and Pageri administrative area.

"Already as the War Child Canada, we are on track to reaching 1,600 farmers. This is through farmers especially field workers, extension workers. They shall be trained on agronomic practices and post-harvest handling," said Nancy.

She said that War Child Canada successfully distributed seeds to over 900 local farmers in the region.
"Apart from this, we have distributed seeds to 961 local farmers in order to scale up their farming skills and for purpose of seed multiplication in the country."

Gurtong visited 40-year old Rufina, a farmer, one of the War Child Canada's beneficiaries in Torit.
She earns her living through farming activitieswith support from War Child Canada.

According to Rufina, she has been able to take care of her 10 children, pay school fees and settle medical bills for her family. Her farm has a variety of crops including Cassava, Vegetables and fruits.

Mr. Tony, 30 years of age from Nimule of Pageri Administrative Area, spoke to Gurtong in the recent concluded agriculture show that was held in Torit State Capital.

He reveals that this year he managed to buy seeds and utilized his new learned farming technology he acquired from the War Child Canada.

"… From this agricultural show, I am so motivated. I will plan well for future progress. Sure to do farming on large scale, because farming can change one's living conditions.

Computing his profit makings, Mr. Tony explains that he realized that if one cultivates at least two fedans of cassava, one could be able to earn 800,000 South Sudanese Pounds SSP, from the market since one stem of cassava produces several up to between five, and each piece can be sold at 8 SSP and 10 SSP, in the market.

"So, you can see, two pieces of cassava costs 10ssp, and if so, 800 stocks of cassava in two fedans if you multiply, can earn up to 800,000 SSP clean money without tax. This can make a bigger difference in profit margins," expresses the thirty-year old Mr. Tony.

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