Embrace Democracy In New Sudanese Nation

With expectations of a new state running high across South Sudan, a key Government of Southern Sudan Advisor has called for the establishment of democratic institutions of governance.

GoSS Special Presidential Advisor General Joseph Lagu and former President of the Executive Council called for an all-inclusive government for the new nation.

“Everyone should be given a chance to rise to any position regardless of where they come from or their gender”, he told the press in Juba in the company of GoSS Information Minister Marial Benjamin.

The former signatory to the 1972 Addis Ababa Peace Agreement also cautioned South Sudan’s leadership to keep off ethnicity, saying regional representation in the government could unite and install peace in the newly expected nation.

The Presidential Advisor exuded confidence of the secession of the semi-autonomous region.

“The opinion polls indicated that secession will win by over 90 percent. I am very sure secession votes will exceed that”, said General Lagu.

Lagu further urged South Sudanese authorities to be prepared to address the likely challenges for the new nation.

Dr Marial echoed his sentiments, saying the results trickling in locally and from the Diaspora indicate imminent split of the Sudan.

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