Training On Access To Justice For Women Held In Rumbek

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The women Association in Lakes State in collaboration with UNMISS last week conducted a one day training on Peace building and access to justice.

Chairlady of the General women association in Lakes State, Agum Joseph Kuc. [Photo| Mabor Riak Magok]

By Mabor Riak Magok

The Chairperson of the Women’s Association in Lakes State, Agum Joseph Kuc said that an awareness campaign for women in the communities in Lakes State will be launched in order for them to know the right channels to access justice as well as know their rights.

She said most women do not know their rights and cannot access justice because they lack the knowledge and support to do so.

Among challenges she mentioned that are facing women in the area are forced marriages and girls being denied the right to go to school.

NIMISS Human Rights Officer, John Oziehbe said that there are many challenges facing access to justice for women, more especially in Lakes State, because there is limited awareness of right of access to justice.

“There is a complicated procedure of making women to have rights to access justice and also in addition to language and cultural barriers such as traditional beliefs is a great source of barrier to justice seekers.”

He also said that unaffordable costs for legal services and delay in the justice system can be frustrating and thereby discouraging justice seekers.

John Oziehbe said that there is need to empower women throughout the justice chain by creating specialized referral pathways on issues relating to gender based violence, saying IRC in consultation with Lakes State legal administration is currently piloting a legal aid scheme targeting women in the State.

He said that there is need for representation by appointing women judges in both formal and informal justice system to enhance women’s confidence and participation in the justice system.

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