South Sudan IDPs Hope For Peace And Stability In 2016

This article was last updated on May 28, 2022

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Calls for peace and development by IDPs during the Christmas season were heard in different prayer meetings with many calling on the government to prioritize peace next year.


Internally displaced persons in Western Equatoria State receive their identification cards from the South Sudan Red Cross. [File Photo]

By Jacob A. Jok

BOR, December 28 2015 [Gurtong] – Alith Akongo an internally displaced person in Bor said that she hopes South Sudan will be stable and peaceful next year so that she can be able to return to her home village.

Another IDP, Akon Kuur Akuei, says that she is praying for leaders in the country to restore peace so that she can also return home with her five children.

“What I would like to happen is for God to help us reach the New Year and to bring peace and stability in our country in the New Year so that there will be no misunderstanding among ourselves,” Akuei said.

She said they also need those who have been displaced and are living in IDPs camps to come back home.

Thiong Jacob, another IDP, says he would like the government to concentrate on developing the country next year.

In particular he says the government must strengthen the value of the South Sudan Pounds so that the cost of living is affordable to all.

Garang Alier Pach, who was an engineer at a Bor power station, was displaced from Bor during the height of fighting between the government and rebels in December, 2013.  

“When we got independence we were hoping to enjoy freedom so that development would begin in our home areas and the young generation would get good education, health services but that did not happen,” Garang Alier said.

He said the government’s two top priorities for the New Year should be development and sustainable peace.

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