Over 50 Chiefs From Lol State Propose Annexation Of Malual Centre Payam To Aweil State, South Sudan

This article was last updated on May 28, 2022

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Over 50 Chiefs from Lol State, Malual Centre Payam of Mayen Ulem are proposing that their Payam be annexed to Aweil East State after claiming that the Governor of Lol State is undermining their rights.
Chiefs and representatives of Mayen Ulem during their visit to Aweil East state [Photo| Agoth Abraham]

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 29 July 2016 [Gurtong]- In order to implement this plan, 55 representatives of the Payam traveled on Wednesday to Aweil East State to meet officials of the State government and present their proposal.

Mr. Isaac Deng Mamer the spokesperson who spoke on behalf of Malual Centre Payam said the decision of joining Aweil East State is the choice of People.

Deng said the coming of the Executive Chiefs to Malual-Khon proves the heartedly decision of joining Abiem. (Aweil East State)

“Our coming to Malual-khon is to see Governor Deng Deng Akuei and his government and announce to them that Malual Centre or Mayen Ulem in Lol State is today part and Parcel of Abiem (another name for Aweil East State)” he said.

According to Isaac, Malual Centre or Mayen Ulem Payam is the oldest Payam among the Payams of former Aweil North County but during the creation of the 28 States in the country, it was denied its right to be a County.

“Among the former Payams of Northern Bhar elGhazal  State by then and Aweil North County, Malual Centre ( Mayen Ulem) is qualified to be upgraded like other Counties. What they have done is bad for us. Look at big towns which are supposed to be counties with all facilities, communities built the prison, Police station and schools but our County is diverted to Jac, so it is better to annex our town to Aweil East State.”

“The members of parliament in Juba like Hon. Mel Wol have played a very big negative role in taking the County to Jac forgetting that communities who voted him in are alive but he is turning a blind eye to them.” He explained.

“Our complaint has reached the Governor of Lol State but he turned down our case even other politicians don’t listen to our concerns. It is bad that people are not given their rights in this State (Lol State),” added Isaac.

The Deputy Governor of Aweil State, Hon.Garang Garang Deng who was delegated by the Governor to compile the minutes of the delegation, said the government of Aweil East State will forward thier complaint to the Governor of Lol State Hon. Rizik Zakaria Hassan.

“I told them that People of Mading Aweil are still one since the creation of more States in the country. The purpose is just to expand the administration but socially, we are one. Those in Lol have rights to stay in Aweil Town and Aweil East no segregation among the people of one government. We assured them that as government of Aweil East State, we will be engaging the Governor of Lol and give him the complaint” he said.

Lol government representative who is also the State Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and Public Services Hon. William Anyuon Kuol said the government is aware about the demand of the people of Malual Centre Payam adding that the State government is working towards resolving the issue.

“We have been told about community activities which are politically backed up by politicians. We heard of Chiefs saying they want to join Aweil East State as they were claiming being denied their rights. The government is working hard to approve their County, it is still in the President’s office and will soon be announced” he assured.

William Anyuon further called for patience to avoid creating political differences between the two States.

“Our communities should be calm and patient, no one like chaos in the communities it is bad for people of one government to behave in a rush. South Sudan is a country of one President and 28 States recently announced by the President created for peace and harmony instead of hatred and conflict” he said.

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