No suicide bombers involved in Mumbai blasts: ATS

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Mumbai: Investigators on Saturday got many clues against the triple bomb blast in Mumbai. The Police also declared that, no suicide bombers were involved in this bomb blast. Some people were involved; their pictures will be released very soon. Maharashtra ATS chief Rakesh Maria said that, the whole investigation is going properly without any problems. The results will come out very soon, but he refused to disclose anything else.

During this investigation, the Maharashtra Police has joined hands with other seven neighboring states to find out the culprits. They are also making the sketches of the suspected bombers & will release very soon, in order to find out the criminals easily. The sketch will be prepared on the basis of the video footages came from the CCTV & the eye-witnesses’ accounts. Maria also cleared that till the exact result will come out, then would not disclose anything about the criminals.

For the sketch of the criminals, the CCTV is helping the Maharashtra ATS a lot, but they also need the verification from the eye-witnesses also. Maria also added that, “We are moving towards a definite direction, but we are not in a state to reveal about the internal information regarding the investigation. We are having good leads. After visiting the bomb areas, we can now rule out the possibilities of the bombers.” Maria also added that the sketch will be made by tonight on the basis of the eye-witnesses’ accounts & will be circulated among the investigators.

The investigators also have discovered some metallic particles which were used to carry the bombs to the spot. The forensic experts have declared that, the bombers used ammonium nitrate with fuel oil to make the bomb & digital timers to carry out the bomb at the three places simultaneously. The team from Maharashtra ATS sent to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & New Delhi for the further help from them. The ATS has also questioned to the owner of the scooter, whose scooter was found near to the accident spot at Zaveri Bazar. The maroon clored Honda Activa was found very close to the accident spot, which was partially destroyed & belong to Ashok Jain, lives in Nagpada. The DG of Maharashtra ATS & the Crime Branch teams questioned those criminals who were arrested due to this incident.

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