Mumbai serial bomb blast suspect dies in hospital

A major twist took place in the Mumbai serial attack bomb blast. The main suspect Faiz Usmani died in Sion hospital, during the question-answer round between him & the Central Investigation Department (CID). He was the brother of Afzal Usmani, the prime criminal involved in the 2008 Gujarat bomb blast.
Faiz Ahmed Aziz Usmani (39) who ran a provision store in Shivaji Nagar area, was admitted in the hospital due to brain hemorrhage occurred due to hypertension. The family members of Usmani demanded that he died because of the over interrogation & mental torture of the CID. On the other hand, CID investigated & reached to the conclusion that Usmani never had a hypertension problem was never under medication due to this.    
A team of investigators from state CID went to Chembur Camp where Usmani was under interrogation. The CID will try to find out that what the policemen asked him & how he replied. They had checked the station diary & other records relevant to Usmani’s questioning & summoning.
Usmani was visited by the police officers in civil dresses. He later on reported to the police at 3 PM. When police started with their interrogation, within half an hour of this he started to feel sick. Then & there he was admitted to the Sion Hospital & was informed to the family of Usmani at Govandi residence. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), crime, Nisar Tamboli, said that, “When usmani started to feel sick we admitted him to Sion Hospital but at 1 AM he died.”
Dr. Sandhya Kamath, Dean of Sion Hospital said that, “The patient was brought unconscious & the blood pressure was very high. After the CT scan, we discovered that he is suffering from brain hemorrhage. He died on Saturday midnight. We sent his body to JJ hospital for the postmortem. After that we can draw any kind of conclusion.” In the mean time, Azeem, Usmani’s son said that, “We know that he was tortured, if not physically, then mentally.”  
On the other hand, Tamboli said that, “We didn’t tortured Usmani at all. When he stated to feel sick, he informed us that he is suffering from hypertension. And the doctors also said that he died because of his hypertension.” Tamboli also disclosed that, Usmani was said for the questioning, because he used to visit Afzaal, his brother at jail, who was got arrested in the 2008 Ahmadabad bomb blast. 
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