Are we Indians to blame for Mumbai serial attacks?

Debates, human chains, candle march, tribute songs, banner shows and what not!

Is this only what ‘we’ the so called citizens of the so called world’s largest democracy do?

A terror attack launches up and the same chapter of discussions and protests follows.

The victims blame the security, the security blames the intelligence, intelligence blames government, government blames coalition… oh no no! not coalition, they come from the same “congress culture” how can they confront each other in public…they do have “mutual understanding” between them.. so the government blames the public itself !

Hurray! The viscious cycle is complete with enough links to keep the think tanks, analysts, media and the thinkers whirling around it.
“the people in the city are unorganised,live in slums, don’t cope up with police, boycott community policing, act insensibly and create chaos in the event of a terror strike etc etc etc…”

And to “say they are wrong”, in a sense would be wrong!

A city with around 13 million population with approx 89% literacy rate, have become so innocent and helpless that they have to blindly take a shelter under the government’s umberella which they think is perforated.

Why not get the umbrella repaired before the rain comes?

What kind of literates are we?

“it’s a policy failure; there is red tapism all over; policies are not implemented; government is corrupt; they are safe in there bunglows that’s why they don’t care…. And what not”

These are the lines generally on the tounges of the average people in the crowd, probably the crowd offering us the victims!

Are we literate only to read, write and speak some technical sinical terms?

Lets ask ourselves what the government policy is? Who stops the policies from being implemented? Where does the file choke? Who is corrupt? What are the evidences?

I am sure, many of us will only beat around the bush instead of hitting the bulls eye of the matter.

And eventhough if one deciphers the the problems and loopholes, he hardly makes an effort to write his suggestion to the concerned authority. “Its all left on ‘them’ and nothing will change by my writing a letter”, Is the mentality. Which is quite obvious owing to the level of trust deficit the government officials have imbeaded in the society.

But we need to understand that the government is a machinery developed, designed and opted by ourselves to guide, protect and serve us. We are not to the government, first the government is to us, and then, we are to the government. If the government is not working upon its designed targets then its we who has to screw it tight. At the same time there can’t be a “facebook” type of government where everyone can access everyone and there is no defined channel or process of proceedings.

Cheering up for democracy is easy and cursing the government is even easier, as long as you are with all your body parts entact. The democracy of what we are proud of, has enough means and ways to get the so called loose government machinery tightened up.

We should not forget that we have the worlds best stuffs put in our constitution by our forefathers, the commissions and employers put on their best efforts to select the cream from the society for administrative jobs. Those administrators are mostly from within us, the middle class. So we wont be justified in blaming the administrators on personal level neither are the written constitution and laws to be blamed.

Who then? Ofcourse the system! But aren’t we the part of the system? Yes probably the cytoplasm of it. Are we still helpless?

Why not a candle light march to put up cctv cameras in the streets, why not human chains to gear up the police and intelligence, how many have actually filed an RTI for getting information on our security arrangements?

Alas! A few..and that too most of them being our innocent post paid journalists in due course of earning some money and career.

There are hardware and software problems in our government machinery. The hardware not compatible with the volume of data required to handle and the software attacked by trojan virus!

But the bottom line is, its our machine and we cant let it unupdated, victimised of viruses and keep it busy in itself.. we have to target the corrupt files and clean them up.

We have to come foreward, realise our position in the system, engage into it, then only we can come to know that who is to be blamed….

Probably the terrorist!

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