The idea of implementing autocracy in Malaysia

Through all around the globe, it is hard to find any country with a multi-racial society that cans easily co-existence among each other apart from the differences in holistic believed, lifestyle and physical appearance. Malaysia is one of the country can prove it is possible. Harmony community with democracy administration shows that people can live together without any hesitation or edgy. Despite all that, our system still can be considered weak and need a lot of improvement. Malaysia should entrenched autocracy system instead of practicing the democracy system which had been used for 50 years since its independence in 1957.
(Wikipedia, 2009)
Autocracy is a form of government in which the political power is held by a single, self-appointed ruler. Comparing with oligarchy literally means rule by the few and democracy (rule by the people). Also, majoritarianism (rule by the majority). Autocracy is not synonymous with totalitarianism. Autocracy also is not synonymous with military dictatorship. Democracy system is not dreadful but it has a lot of flaw which bring a lot of dragged in decision making. Plus, the people are the one who suffer a lot from the dent of democracy administration.

Without a doubt, in a multi-racial country as Malaysia, racism issues always occurs which been spreads by some groups of people with no clear intention. For example, if we look back into history, racism issues reach its breaking point in 13th may 1969 where conflict crop up between Malay and Chinese. Implementation of autocracy system in some way can control these unhealthy activities because the government can strictly take action without any resistant. One of the examples of action that can be taken by autocratic government is hindering the citizens from being freely outspoken about racism issues and prevents unwise speech. As an autocracy administration, it will not be a problem in constructing a new regulation and uphold the law of the Constitution. One of the Acts that should be assembled is Sedition Act, 1974. Whom which already committed a misdemeanor under the law regarding racism activities should be punished. Execution of a fair and heavy punishment should show the people not to disobey the law. Some of the government agencies that involve directly under this action are ISA, OSA and AUKU.

In the words of Max Webber, a government is an agency that has “monopoly of legitimate use of physical force within a given territory” (Abdul Rashid Moten and Syed Serajul Islam, 2006, p.65, 66). Autocracy administration can be concluded as an act of “father and sons” relationship. As a “father”, government is the one whom entitled the power of making all the rational decisions. The government that has been chosen with its expertise and knowledge and it know what is best for the people within fulfill country needs. While the people whom in this context are the “sons” have the right to voice out their needs and give their opinions within the guideline giving. There is the thin line between the “father” and the “sons” whereby the “sons” should not cross it. As the “father”, the government should be the one who make the final say after taken all the opinions by the “sons” in making a better choice.

Furthermore, under the rules of autocracy, the process of establishment of government policies will be easier because all the process of congregation which is practice in democracy system can be spare. All of the development progression wills growth smoothly without any distraction. Compared to democracy system, before the erection of policies, a forum of debate will be made where all the parliament members can critics the rationality of creating those policies. All this process delayed the actual physical movement which is needed by the people. By applying autocracy system, it helps to decrease government burden in making policies and carrying out of law and regulation.

Even though there is a lot of compensation in implementation of autocracy system in Malaysia, there are still some barriers and disadvantages of applying it. Autocracy is the best way to be implemented in perspective of looking a country as whole but not as a combination of a group of community. Autocracy concerns more about country development rather than involving smaller or unimportant agenda that just give benefits or advantages to specific community. Some needs of people maybe overlook because as in a view of whole it may seem unnecessary. The scope of policy making may be partial to others even though the policy is involves by all people to engage it.

In the nutshells, autocracy system should be implemented in Malaysia administration system because it gives specialty towards the people. This administration styles may seem inequitable but in order to create peace and harmony some drastic action must be taken for the sake of all members of society. Most of the time, people misunderstood the actual meaning of autocracy and to them autocracy is a bad system because of the historical proof of many bad autocratic leader in the past. This misinterpretation should be clearly explained. As a developing country, Malaysia needs autocracy implementation because it seems as the only way to form a better Malaysia in the future. As looking back in history, most of autocratic country failed because of the low credibility of the leader to govern the state and the people. In the future, after autocracy system already creates a superior Malaysia, democracy can take the lead in Malaysian administration.

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