Second terror attack in Peshwar leaves 14 people injured

The site of a bomb blast in Peshawar

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The site of a bomb blast in PeshawarThe second terror attack in two days saw two kilogram’s of explosives packed in an oil container exploded at 8:20 am in a market in Peshawar on Thursday which left 14 people injured.

The remote-controlled device went off outside Munir Khan’s shop in Jan Plaza, around the New Rampura Gate area.

Peshawar police spokesperson Nisar Ahmed Khan said “Khan has enmity with some people from Tehkal area of the city. The police are looking into that aspect as well,”

Most of the injured were discharged soon after they received first aid, whereas five were still being provided treatment at the hospital till the filing of this report.

This was the second blast in two consecutive days to hit the provincial capital.

The official, referring to Wednesday’s blast that left 12 people wounded, said it was still unclear as to what device had been used to carry out the attack. The police only managed to recover ball bearings from the crime scene, nothing crucial to help identify the device, he said.

“In my opinion, it was probably a safety fuse that was used to detonate the explosives,” Nisar Khan said.

The injured from Thursday’s attack were identified as Nimatullah, Zar Sher, Tuti Gul, Tariq Khan, Nasrullah, Amjad Hussain, Nazir Mohammad, Yar Mohammad, Iqbal, Yahya, Asif , Shamshad, Amjad and Ayub.

Most of them were daily-wage workers sitting around waiting for customers.

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