The detained Indonesian citizen turns out to be the ex-lover of a state executive

The Indonesian authorities arrested a man on Friday in connection to PKR for immigration offences. The detained individual is expected to be the ex-lover of a Selangor executive councilor, Elizabeth Wong.

The mystery man was accused of processing fake documents and thereby detained to Batam in Indonesia. The government of Malaysia said that they are critically analyzing the reports on the electronic and print media for the link of the alleged PKR member to the detained individual.  

Menteri Besar, Malaysian government official said that the government will take the case in their hand and go over the report and other supporting documents on the case before any further action is taken.

He added that the effort to link the detained man to the government officer is nothing but “gutter politics and personal attacks against the government and its leaders. The state views any attempts to manipulate the issue to undermine the credibility of the state or its leaders as unethical”.

The Malaysian executive councilor, Wong got caught up in a scandal over three years ago where her semi-naked pictures were released and she claimed that the pictures were taken without her approval. The accused person was missing since then and thus the case was never resolved.

Malaysian government made an official statement saying, “The issue will be brought up during the Party Keadilan Pakyat (PKR) political bureau meeting on Wednesday and an announcement made after that”.

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