Rape victim identifies rapists on Facebook, Kolkata

The 37-year-old rape victim identifies her rapists on the social networking website, Facebook and reports to the police late Wednesday night.

The victim claims to be have been raped twice on the night of 5th February by two men in a car in Kolkata. She also complained that the police laughed at her when she went to the police authorities to file the complaint. The victim is a single mother of two kids who was called for a job at one of the prominent night clubs but was tortured, beaten, and raped in the car after being forced to take a lift.

The victim claims to have found the rapists on Facebook and took screenshots of their pictures which she hand over to the police who brought in the key suspect along his friend to the station for inquiry. The victim was brought in front of the suspects to recognize; however, she could not recognize either one of them. The investigations continued until 5am Thursday morning.

According to the statement given by investigating authorities, discrepancies have been found in account of the victim whereas nothing can be said with certainty since the investigation is still in process. However, immigration authorities have confirmed that one of the accused was in Canada the night of the reported crime.

Damayanti Sen, the Joint Commissioner of Police and Crime said, “We are treating this case with utmost seriousness and sensitivity and there has been no slackness in police investigations so far. We are probing the allegations of police misbehavior with the victim. Strict departmental actions will be taken against anybody found guilty”.

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