PM emphasizes Taliban to hold peace talks

Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani urges the leadership of Taliban to indulge in peace talks with their government to promote peace and harmony in the region.

The appeal is first of its kind to be made by Pakistan as the country seems to have a lot of influence on Afghani militants. The request forwarded by Gillani is a result of a personal request made by the Afghan leader to the leadership of Pakistan, on their meetings that took place a few days back. The Afghani leader asked their neighboring country leadership to facilitate them in promoting peace within their country as well as in the entire region.

Most of the Afghani militants are assumed to have hidden in tribal areas of Pakistan, especially Taliban leader Mullah Omer.

With all the recent efforts made towards promoting peace in the region, Talibans seem to be weighing their options and are planning to set up an office in Qatar. However, Talibans have declared that it will be more suitable to negotiate peace talks with the United States since US is the one with more than 100,000 troops in Afghanistan other than the Afghani government.

They made it clear once again that their efforts and targets are the United States army troops other than the Afghani government.

The statement made by Talibans has raised concerns for Afghani and Pakistani governments since they can now be sidelined and the Taliban and the US may conduct peace talks without them.

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