PM proposes combined efforts to tackle terrorism

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made an announcement on Monday and said that the center and the state should make combined efforts to fight back elements of terrorism within the country.

Warning about different types of terrorism threats the country is facing, Singh said that the government should join hands to fight internal as well as external elements of threat. He expressed his opinion on the matter after noticeable amount of pressure from the chief ministers of a number of states who questioned the abilities of the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC).

He said, “There is no question that the burden of the fight against terrorism falls largely on the states’ machinery. The Centre is ready to work with the states to put in place strong and effective institutional mechanisms to tackle this problem.”

Referring towards the problem of ethnic violence and religious extremist, he said, “These challenges demand constant vigilance on our part. They need to be tackled firmly but with sensitivity. The forces behind them must not only be contained but should also be effectively rolled back. Like other internal security matters, we need joint and coordinated efforts to deal with the challenge of terrorism, whatever be its origin, whether internal or external, and whatever its motivation.”

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