No Women’s Rights in Afghanistan It’s 2001 All Over Again


This article was last updated on May 12, 2022

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Recent news from Afghanistan is rather sobering given that the United States and its partners spent 20 years in the nation.

Attempting to install a Western-style democracy in the vacuum created after the Taliban conceded control over the parts of the nation that it ruled with a heavy, conservative Islamic hand.

This news was reported by TOLOnews, Afghanistan’s first 24-hour news television network which reports on current affairs, business, regional and world news as quoted here:

Whether it’s breaking the news, providing in-depth reports or inspiring discussion among Afghanistan’s political leaders, TOLOnews has captured the attention of a nation who want fast, credible and reliable information as it happens, on the ground. Afghanistan’s first 24-hour news and current affairs channel serves Afghans’ growing appetite for the most up to date news, both domestic and international, across broadcast, online and social media platforms. 

An extension of the nation’s most popular channel TOLO TV, TOLOnews’ apolitical format is trusted and respected by audiences, and its programs provide an unparalleled level of in-depth current affairs coverage spanning across Afghanistan’s political, cultural and regional interests.

In Afghanistan, TOLOnews often breaks stories that lead regional and international headlines. More importantly, it is reaching Afghans in remote provinces as well as connecting those in the global diaspora. Boasting the largest newsroom in the country, TOLOnews’ 100 plus news professionals lead the development of the Afghan media industry, which was nonexistent less than a decade ago. Lotfullah Najafizada is the current Director of TOLOnews.

TOLOnews broadcasts in Dari and Pashto, and is available via the internet and social media in English, Dari and Pashto. Its website,, is one of the most popular news sites in Afghanistan.

Here is the news item in question dated May 78, 2022:


If you wish, you can watch the news item on TOLOnews’ YouTube account here which unfortunately is not in English but will give you a sense of what the supreme leader of the  Islamic Emirate, Malawi Hibatullah Akhundada is announcing for Afghanistan’s women:

The video from TOLOnews shows this graphic of acceptable coverings for women which is displayed in shop windows:


Here are some quotes from the announcement with my bolds: 

“A statement from the Vice and Virtue Ministry of the Islamic Emirate reads that hijab is an obligation in Islam and that any dress that covers the body can be considered as hijab given that it is not “thin and tight.” 

When it comes to the type of the covering or hijab that women will need to wear, the statement says that burka is the best type of hijab/covering “as it is part of Afghan culture and it has been used for ages.” It adds that another preferred type of hijab is a long black veil and dress that “should not be thin or tight.” 

The statement, called “the descriptive and accomplishable plan on legitimate hijab,” also instructs women not to step out of home unless it is necessary, calling it one of the best ways of observing hijab.

The plan was announced by the Ministry of Vice and Virtue on Saturday at a press conference in Kabul.

The plan will be implemented using both encouragement and punishment as follows:

According to the new plan, if a woman doesn’t wear a hijab, first, her house will be located and her guardian will be advised and warned. 

Next, if the hijab is not considered, her guardian will be summoned. If repeated, her guardian (father, brother or husband) will be imprisoned for three days. If repeated again, her guardian will be sent to court for further punishment, the plan reads.  

The statement also said that female public employees will be fired if they don’t wear hijab. 

Male public employees will be suspended from their jobs if female members of their families do not wear hijab.”

So, basically, under the reimposition of Sharia law, Afghanistan’s women are back to where they were in 2001 before the War on Terror officially began on October 7, 2001.

Given the high financial cost of the war in Afghanistan to United States taxpayers as shown here:


…and the high human cost of the war as shown here:


 …one would have to say that the entire operation has now been proven to be a complete and utter failure for Afghanistan’s women who had actually made significant strides during the 20 year period after the Taliban appeared to be defeated.

But, as is typical, the defense industry made billions of dollars of profits thanks to their endless supply of hardware and software designed specifically to maim and kill human beings.  Bravo to them!

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