Amina Janjua claims her husband is in a secret detention center

The mysterious cases of missing people in Pakistan have steadily become a dreadful reality as the state, security forces and judiciary seem unable to resolve them. The story of Janjua family is an example of how several people have gone missing in the country for their alleged involvement with outlawed groups.

Amina Masood Janjua has been trying to locate her missing husband since he went missing in 2005. She told the apex court on Wednesday that her family has become a victim of September 11 attacks on Twin Towers. Amina said she fails to understand that despite the fact that all sane Pakistanis condemn terrorist attacks on the US soil, they are still made to pay a heavy price for belonging to a certain religion or region.

“I have been paying the price for 9/11 since the disappearance of my husband who had nothing to do with it.  It was a terrorist attack; every sane Pakistani condemns it. I understand and feel their pain, but I expect the same from them,” she told the press outside SCP.

Amina alleges that her husband Masood and his friend Faisal were abducted by secret agencies on suspicions of being associated with Al-Qaeda and Taliban. However, the prosecutor-general’s office has informed CJ Iftikhar Chaudry that Masood and Faisal had been killed by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in 2005. Amina believes her husband is still alive and in the custody of secret government agencies.

“A senior-level army officer personally told me that my husband was in a secret detention center in the Westrige area of Rawalpindi,” she added.

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