Island formed after earthquake is likely to be a mud volcano

A small island emerged in the Arabian Sea after an earthquake hit the province of deserts in Pakistan. The United States Geological Survey (UNGS) has reported that the epicenter of 7.8 magnitude quake lied near Dalbadin, Baluchistan. According to the UNGS, the island off Pakistan’s coast is more likely to be a mud volcano.

The intensity of Tuesday’s earthquake was so high that tremors were felt from Iran till India. People in the port city of Karachi, Pakistan, rushed out of their houses and workplaces. Government officials confirmed that 45 people have died as the earthquake leveled some mud-houses in the remote areas of Baluchistan.

Reuters quotes the deputy speaker of the Baluchistan assembly, Mr Abdul Qadoos, confirming that the earthquake destroyed at least 30 per cent of houses in the Awaran district. Officials allege that an inclusive report about damages cannot immediately be presented because the affected areas have a difficult terrain and it will take time to reach some remote areas.

In the meantime, rescue staff is providing relief supplies through helicopters and Pakistan Army has deployed up to 200 troops to help deal gear up the process. Most of the people who were affected were living in mud houses or tents. Locals, non-government organizations and activist groups have gathered to provide food, shelter and food supplies to these underprivileged people.

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