Registry of Marriages: 243 Singapore Couples Getting Married On Valentine’s Day

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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This Valentine’s Day of 2014 would certainly be a memorable one for the people of Singapore as 243 couples decide to get married on this day. This Valentine ’s Day hold special significance for the people of Singapore because it will also be the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, called ‘Yuan Xiao Jie’.

This number of 243 couples is a record number of couples getting married in Singapore on the date of 14th of February. It is the highest in the last five years according to the Registry of Marriage. For a lot of couples this date means a lot more than the happiness brought by two historical dates. A groom to be, Jerald Lim said that this date will also mark seven years since he met his to be bride. Apart from that it was also his Lunar birth date. The relatives of the couple are flying from overseas for not only the wedding but also the reunion for the Chinese New Year.

The couples who have started planning recently are undergoing the burden of paying hefty prices. ‘I think we are very fortunate because we started planning for our wedding very long ago, so we did not have to pay a lot more. But there were still items and things we have to pay more for, because it is an auspicious date, and also because it falls within the Lunar New Year festive period. Overall I would say we pay about 10 per cent (more) or thereabout,’ said Mr Lim, highlighting the increasing prices.

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