Warmly Welcome Foreigners: PM

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong expressed that he is appalled to read about those who harassed the organizers of the Philippine Independence Day celebrations in Singapore. In a post on Facebook this Saturday, Mr Lee said these people are a “disgrace to Singapore.”

The Prime Minister posted the comments after the recent reports published about Filipinos being targeted online for planning to celebrate their Independence Day in Singapore. The acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin had also posted on Facebook this Friday, calling for Singaporeans to take a stand against bigotry. Mr Lee said in his post that it was fortunate the harassment appeared to be the work of a “few trolls”, and he was glad that “many sensible Singaporeans condemn this thuggish behaviour”. He also said that Singaporeans “must treat people in Singapore the way we ourselves expect to be treated overseas”.

“Many Singaporeans live overseas, and are warmly welcomed in their adopted homes,” he added. Mr Lee recently attended the Singapore Day in London. He said in his Facebook post:”How would we have felt if British netizens had spammed our website, and abused Singaporeans living in Britain?” He asked the Singaporeans to show that “we are generous of spirit and welcome visitors into our midst, even as we manage the foreign population here”. “Otherwise we will lower our standing in the eyes of the world, and have every reason to be ashamed of ourselves,” further added the Prime Minister.

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  1. The entire suppressed frustration and anger of local Singapore started more than a decade ago when Singapore government brought in foreigners and immigrants from all levels.

    They rob our jobs, crowd our public transportation (dare to speak out loud in their country origin language/accent), frequently violate the emotions of locals and commit crimes.

    Local Singaporeans no longer feel safe or comfortable like before..

    Sure many Singaporeans live overseas but our numbers are small. We never crowd other countries’ public transportation. We never talk out loud in our countries language accent. We never insult the locals of host country.

  2. This is one PM who has no clue how small and overcrowded Singapore is, how the number of foreign imports has gone up close to one third of the population, how Singaporeas are being discriminated agaisnt, in favor of foreigners, in many companies with foreign HR, how little India became a hot spot for rioting….. He has even more ignorant to the fact that many true blue Singapore families have been emigrating out. BTW, countries round the world love Singapore immigrants. New Zealand has written that in the press. Why? Cos we are a humble and hardworking lot. We do not go around harassing the locals to celebrate durian day!

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