President Tan Assures Singaporeans

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Today the Singaporean President assured Singaporeans by stating that the government has plans of improving the CPF (Central Provident Fund) savings as well as life annuity schemes and also help Singaporeans unlock the value of their homes after their retirement. The President made this speech as he addressed the opening of the new session at the Parliament today.

He further added that he wants to make sure that the financial needs of the Singaporeans are taken care of in their golden years. Today Dr Tan touched a wide range of issues including issues such as social mobility, social safety nets as well as increased social spending. He also talked about infrastructure improvement, new immigrants and constructive politics. The President said that to ensure that Singaporeans enjoy a better quality of life, the Government plans to improve transport options, create more recreational spaces and rejuvenated neighborhoods.  “We will continue to upgrade our HDB heartlands and neighborhoods, connect them to a more extensive and convenient transport network, and integrate them into a web of green corridors and waterways, as well as sports and leisure facilities,” he said.

Dr. Tan further added, “We will make Singapore a Smart Nation: enabling safer, cleaner and greener urban living, more transport options, better care for the elderly at home; more responsive public services and more opportunities for citizen engagement.”

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