Karachi Airport Under Terrorist Attack

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The famous airport in Karachi called the Jinnah International Airport is under attack by militants. The number of militants was reported as seven initially but the number has increased to sixteen. The exact number is still unclear.

This Sunday night witnessed one of the worst attacks in Karachi which involved a highly public area with flights from many international airlines. The Jinnah International Airport is in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi which had already been close for more than three days because of MQMs senior leaders arrest. A hand grenade attack was carried out on the Isphani Hanger at Jinnah International Airport’s old terminal, reported a local channel. Smoke can be seen coming out from the attacked terminal. Four Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel were injured in the attack and there’s also news whereas of four being shot dead. Police forces and Rangers have surrounded the airport and routes to the airport have been sealed. All flight operations at Jinnah Terminal have been suspended.

Staff is being rescued by the security personnel and moved to safer areas, reports said, adding that rescue teams are being allowed after being checked thoroughly. More news will updated as the Pakistani forces try to save the airport.

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