Man Found Dead Under Metal Racks

This Friday morning, a man, who is more than 60 years old, was found dead in a storage room after he got pinned under enormous metal racks at a warehouse in the Pandan Loop area. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) informed that they were alerted to the incident at 230A Pandan Loop at around 9.49am yesterday morning.

When the SCDF officers arrived at the site, they found that the man was dead with two huge metal racks on top of him. The metal racks were one on top of the other and must have made the man unable to move. A SCDF paramedic checked the Chinese man, found that he had no pulse and then pronounced him dead.

The police is still investigating how the death took place. The massive metal racks under which he had been pinned measured about 4m in height and 1.5m in length and breadth according to Today. Each rack contained about 70 crates of fruits. To extricate the body, SCDF rescuers had to remove the fruit crates manually before lifting the metal racks with the help of two forklifts. The rescue operation had to be cautiously carried out as any sudden movement of the toppled racks would have caused the adjacent metal racks to topple over as well.

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