Singapore Bans Remote Gambling

This Tuesday, the Singapore lawmaker and member of the Parliamenrt, Denise Phua stated that the Singapore government should make sure that the Singaporeans don’t think that “remote gambling is fine as long as it is under a state license.” She said that it was time for the republic to take a bold step and reject gambling, whether remote or on-site.

“When will Singapore wean itself off the casino industry, reduce the casinos from two to one to nil, especially in the light of new potential entrants such as Japan and other Asian countries? ” she said. She added that it is time for the government to “discourage gambling as an economic or social activity.” “With the tightening of foreign labor in Singapore, the casinos now become competitors for manpower from our local SMEs (small and medium enterprises). If manpower is so precious, why would we divert precious manpower to learn the casino business, whether in physical establishments or online?” Phua said.

While the Second Minister for Home Affairs S Iswaran stated that Singapore will not ban remote gambling completely. “We prohibit gambling, unless it is specifically allowed for by way of a stringently regulated exemption or license,” Iswaran said. “We will adopt a similar approach to remote gambling. We aim to achieve this policy intent through a combination of new legislation, stepped up enforcement, and enhanced public education and engagement.”

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