Dare To Be Different : Chan Chun Sing

Chan Chun Sing, the Minister for Social and Family Development, said that the Singapore brand is rooted in trust, innovation, unity and care and thus these are the qualities which will take the country forward in the coming years. He said this while addressing at the annual Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA). SPBA recognizes all those Singapore brands that are managed effectively.

“How did Singapore become successful? Singapore became successful not because we follow the crowd, (but) because we dare to be different from the crowd to offer the rest of the world something which may not be able to be offered to them in the region or beyond the region. Over the years, the Singapore brand has grown. All of you here tonight are part of the Singapore brand,” said Chan. According to Channel News Asia, at the award ceremony, the first-time participant Esco clinched the title for the overall winner in the Maybank Regional Brands category. The brand has ventured into ten countries. Esco chairman Lim Lay Yew said: “Our key strategy still remains the same every year. We still maintain our policy of concentrating on quality control.”

Other companies who won include Tong Garden, which came in as the overall winner in the Heritage Brand category. Dhanate Praisiri, CEO of Tong Garden, said: “We make sure that we have a proper corporate identity, proper company logo and the selection of the characters.”


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