Top five reasons to go to an e-portal before you buy a property in Pakistan

Investing in property is probably the safest way to secure monetary investment, be it any part of the world. That is because real estate values usually tend to appreciate most of the times. In the relatively less stable economy of Pakistan, where word-of-mouth is still considered the strongest source of knowledge, depreciation of property value is sometimes more frequent than desired, because news, even if untrue, circulates rather efficiently in closed informal groups.

Luckily, with the technology we have at hand in today’s world, loss in property investment could be mindfully avoided. One should therefore make a habit of running a thorough cost-benefit analysis before buying stakes anywhere in Pakistan. The best way to do so is by considering information provided by reliable online portals.

In the wake of ecommerce and assisted by the land records computerization campaign, e-portals are playing an important role in formalizing the realty sector of Pakistan. Let’s go through the top five reasons to go through a realty e-portal before you sign the deal on your property.

1.       Comprehensive Database

Don’t you prefer having morning tea in bed over physically getting up, dragging yourself to the kitchen, boiling up water and making tea yourself? Well, a real estate portal works just like that – bringing you what you need with minimal effort. Up and coming as well as established property web portals, thankfully, save us the hassle of getting up and roaming across the city to find our dream home or plot of land.

Forget about skimming strenuously through the local newspapers for finding better property deals or chasing after realtors and brokers to cut down miniscule amounts from investment costs. An e-portal saves you the hassle of all such preliminary physical work. With the portal’s comprehensive database, you can now access properties in multiple countries while lazing in your comfy lounge sofa.

2.       Get to know market trends, a noted web portal of Pakistan, enables its users view the latest popularity trends in real estate. The portal’s popularity index is a specialized feature that helps property buyers, sellers and renters in making informed decisions about their investments. Similarly, many international developers, foreign investors and even overseas Pakistanis use this facility to gauge the projected value of prospective properties or areas that they are interested in.

Various other portals also contribute through monthly or quarterly market reports that assess the change of prices and popularity over the said course of time. Indicating the most popular localities in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi as well as comments on undergoing construction activities in cities help in delivering first-hand knowledge to an average, layman Pakistani.

3.       Availability of innumerable options

One of the many benefits of the computer is its ability to present vast amounts of data in a limited space. With comprehensive portals available online for free, property data is easier to access as there are options to customize searches at every step. For example, as a property buyer you have the option of specifying desired location, covered area, land area, number of bedrooms to find your desired property from a vast pool of listings that most property portals maintain. You can customize searches on almost any basis you like. Sounds a good deal, don’t it?

4.       Better investment opportunities

Online platforms have become humans’ new modus operandi. It’s the noveau mode of conducting routine by billions around the world. So why should real estate decisions miss out? E-portals provide property sellers a greater outreach and an easier means of remaining connected to the property market. Investors and developers can also keep an eye over the latest market happenings, evaluate trends of success rates over certain areas and get encouraged to spend more in potentially lucrative projects.

With e-portals, you can make use of visual displays for new projects to familiarize buyers and investors with your vision. It is cost-effective, efficient and gives a clear depiction of an upcoming structure, helping people understand the stakes fully before investing in.

5.       Helps you in making informed decisions

E-portals surely fulfill the demand of the real estate market in an efficient, clear and systematic manner. Not even the decisions of buying, renting and selling are made convenient, but they are also made better informed with the above mentioned features available at a single click.

You can also compare values of two or more properties to evaluate the profitability of all deals you put your hands on. While word-of-mouth has some significance, it can still be misleading. This is where e-portals matter the most, as all information is mediated before being made available online. The final decision is always yours to take, but using online platforms beforehand makes for a better analysis.

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