Australian Floods: Country in ruins

With estimates as high as $15 billion, the region ravaged by recent flooding must now face the grim task of repairing the damage done over the past weeks. There is little doubt now that this disaster has exceeded the flooding which hit the country in 1974. While the government must look at what work needs to be done to infra-structure like roads, bridges and rail, there is the huge task of repairing and possibly rebuilding the many private homes caught in this massive flooding which affects almost all citizens of the areas.
As previously reported, Australian’s coal industry has been disrupted by the flooding but as well, farming, private industry and businesses in cities and towns have been severely curtailed if not altogether brought to a standstill.
Currently the tally stands at 27 dead and 55 missing. As of yet, there are no figures for farms but it has been reported that livestock is dead or lost and authorities are already assessing the possible risk of disease for Queenslanders as stagnant water gathers and rivers fill with carcasses and debris.
Associated Press – January 13, 2011
Flood waters have begun to recede in Brisbane and other Queensland towns, but officials warned it may be days before many can return to their homes. The death toll from the disaster in northeastern Australia has climbed over two dozen.
BBC: In pictures: Brisbane flood clean-up – January 14, 2011
The Associated Press – December 31, 2010
Some amazing footage of the water flooding the region.
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