Toronto Maple Leafs bond on the road

Weekend schedule
According to the weekend schedule, we are going to have a busy time of time trying to keep up with all the goings-on. There are six games tonight, Friday, with twelve games on Saturday and five on Sunday. For us diehard Toronto fans, the big one is Saturday at 7pm when Toronto plays host to Calgary. The game will be broadcast on the CBC in HD which will be a good evening’s worth of entertainment. I note that Calgary is playing against Ottawa on their home turf… ah, ice Friday evening while Toronto has nothing scheduled. Will Toronto end up being better rested than Calgary for their face-off? Toronto does not play again until Wednesday when they face the Rangers in New York but Calgary is back at on Monday meeting Montreal in Montreal.
For those of you unfamiliar with the web site, click here to visit the official home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. You can find schedules, stats, video clips and information on all the players. This is a great place to widen your knowledge of the team.
Weekly Recap
For those of you who were disappointed by Toronto’s loss against the Coyotes this past Thursday, there’s a recap of the game which allows us to see all the gruelling details of this upset of Toronto’s 4 game winning streak. The NHL site offers some video highlights of this game.
Monday recap: 4 games
Toronto at Los Angeles: Toronto wins 3-2
Tuesday recap: 10 games
Toronto loses to Coyotes: 5-1

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