Australian floods ready to prey on Victoria

Floods seem to moving elsewhere in Australia as now the state of Victoria is becoming inundated. For the moment, flooding is confined to the northeast corner of the state which at the moment has affected about 13,000 properties and left 3,000 people to seek refuge at evacuation centers. Parts of northern New South Wales were also impacted where approximately 7,000 are now relying on airdrops of food and other supplies after being effectively cut off by floodwaters.
Estimates on damages are rising steadily. New reports are projecting $20 billion however just what the exact number will end up being is anybody’s guess. There is little doubt now that this disaster has exceeded the flooding which hit the country in 1974. While the government must look at what work needs to be done to infra-structure like roads, bridges and rail, there is the huge task of repairing and possibly rebuilding the many private homes caught in this massive flooding which affects almost all citizens of the areas.
As previously reported, Australian’s coal industry has been disrupted by the flooding but as well, farming, private industry and businesses in cities and towns have been severely curtailed if not altogether brought to a standstill.
IT News – Jan 17/2011
Floods have hit New South Wales and Victoria after spreading south from Queensland. . Follow us on twitter at
AlJazeera English – Jan 4/2011
Australia’s flood-stricken northeast is bracing for more devastation. After a week of unusually heavy rain, a vast inland sea has now formed across several river systems and is slowly making its way downstream to the Pacific Ocean. Standing between it and the coast is the city of Rockhampton. Rockhampton may be an virtual island-city now, surrounded by water. But just a few hundred metres from the water’s edge, it’s like any other Australian city, life goes on as normal.
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