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In my blog post of 6 February, "A Decent Netherlands", I described how SP and PVV now act as custodians of the Dutch social achievements, while PvdA, CDA and VVD, the designers of these achievements, the voters have become alienated. The first victim of that alienation, Mr. Cohen, a decent man who said, collapsed under the Hague political wrangling and the indecency of the journaille. I assume anyway that the discontent in the group, fueled mainly by the low score in the polls, he ultimately has put on the tie. With Mr. Cohen at the helm saw almost half of the members of that group have their headquarters in smoke go. Will it get better with another leader? Most likely not because it lacks the Labour Party still a distinct story, regardless of the person of the leader.

Of course, the Labour Party behind the PVV and the SP when it comes to maintaining the social services, they are themselves the creators of the wonderful social safety net which the Netherlands has. The Labour party should make clear that once again, and that Mr. Cohen’s infamous interview Faithful are trying to do. That you, at points close to the PVV and SP comes out, "So what"? There is indeed the traditional Labour supporters towards fled. The question is why and the answer lies in the 80 and 90 of the last century. The Lubbers cabinets and Cook had themselves when swept away by the hype of privatizations and remote places of public tasks. It is time the ideological feathers Cook together again and pick up a fundamental debate on the role, cost and organization of the government.

The Labour Party will give the first of the limelight to spend it away from a self-pollinating club of Dutch (semi) public directors. The party has since extended to gay and participated with the doctorandussen, where supporters of the party and feel no attachment to it in times of crisis more "rain" than socialist standpoint. A party full of other positions and directorships, full of unelected mayors and unnecessary Queen’s Commissioners. Why has the party Rutte supported the pension reform by the Chamber to get. Of the VVD, you can expect the cost of the crisis shifted to the lowest paid but not of the Labour Party? Perhaps with a view to future participation in government?Males on the plush? Which SP socialist understands this? A pension reform which is also based on questionable computer models and negative effects on the lagging consumption. Why is every taxpayer deemed 4% on its ability to make and not a pension fund?

The current financial crisis, according to Mr. Cohen "left" must be defused. So that any crisis into an opportunity and now the opportunity to the Labour Party to register as a leftist party profile.
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